Using music to fight against drugs


Story highlights

  • Ugandan rapper Keko doesn’t shy away from controversy, tackling pressing issues in her country
  • At the height of her fame she fought a battle with drink and drugs
  • She runs the organization “Sober Up So High” to stop young people falling into the same trap

At the height of her success in 2014 she was struggling with drink and drug abuse.

Two years later, after overcoming her own difficulties, she is working hard to stop young Ugandan’s from falling into the same trap through her organization “Sober Up So High.”

“We are hoping to get as much help for the young people out there as possible,” Keko told CNN. “The future is always brighter, you always fall but you have to keep your head up and you can always rise up again”

“It’s a non profit organization that is focusing on creating awareness about drug awareness and prevention,” adds co-founder Shadrack Kutesa.

“Basically we…


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