Daily Archive: Thursday, August 4, 2016

Even from the sidelines, water polo looks like nonstop intensity

[ad_1] All that constant swimming, treading, passing and defending takes strength, strategy and lot and lots of strokes. YOU HAVE TO know your weaknesses. Water polo is based on two of mine — team sports and swimming. So when a water polo player said you have to be a strong swimmer to even attempt to

Car hackers say they've hijacked Jeep brakes

[ad_1] This Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014 photo shows the Jeep logo on a Cherokee vehicle at a local car dealership in Tempe, Ariz.(Photo: AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) LAS VEGAS — The hackers who digitally hijacked a Jeep over the Internet a year ago have done it again — with a twist. In 2015, automotive cybersecurity

Voices: Olympic spirit far removed from the ancient ideal

[ad_1] These are ruins of the Temple of Zeus, the Greek god who inspired the Olympic Games in the 8th century B.C. in Ancient Olympia, Greece.(Photo: Owen Ullmann, USA TODAY) ANCIENT OLYMPIA, Greece — It was here on the Peloponnese Peninsula that the Greeks came up with an idea in the 8th century B.C. that remains inspiring nearly